Faculty of Nursing


The Curriculum of the Bachelorʼs Program (1st Year 〜 4nd Year)

Students steadily acquire profound knowledge,proven expertise, and the ability to act on their own initiative, in such a way that their individuality is respected.

We offer a variety of courses including lectures,seminars, experiments, and practices, so that students can acquire the ability to act on their own initiative. In addition, we provide painstaking guidance through group work with fewer members.

Our curriculum aims to foster profound knowledge and proven expertise for providing holistic and scientific nursing care, and develop a rich sense of humanity and social awareness in the students.

The curriculum consists of basic areas and specialized areas. Basic areas include "Human Beings," "Society,""Nature and Science," "Language," "Foundation Seminars," and "International & Red Cross Nursing." In these areas, students study theories and methodologies to understand human beings as biological, social, and mental beings. In specialized areas, students study basic theories of nursing, based on a multi-dimensional understanding of human beings and health and the issues of holistic care. They go through different learning stages to reach a specialized level of nursing science. There, they come to understand the essence of medicine and nursing care through practical and comprehensive studies, and master nursing techniques as an art. There are also many distinctive elective courses including foreign languages, Red Cross disaster nursing, and international nursing science studied at overseas nursing colleges to foster internationality, which is one of the College's main features.

Through our painstaking clinical instruction, students develop into nurses who have proven practical skills and a profound sense of humanity.

The clinical program gives opportunities to students to experience real nursing care under the guidance and instruction of clinical instructors, based on the knowledge and techniques that students learned through daily studies. We value practice. Therefore, we phase in clinical practice from the first grade and collaborate closely with clinical facilities with a good instruction system. Our painstaking clinical instruction helps develop practical nursing skills based on clinical experience in various settings.