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The JRCCON is one of the leading institutions among the domestic nursing-related colleges that have as its academic resources two libraries (Hiroo/Musachino) of high academic fertility and sophistication. Along with the incorporation of the Japanese Red Cross Junior College of Nursing into the JRCCN in April 2005, facility services have since been improved and enhanced in a manner that enables users to have better bibliographical accessibility in both campuses.

The library of the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing, houses a total of about 120,000 books. Some rare books include materials on nursing care since 1890, when the Japan Red Cross Society started projects to foster nurses. There are 215 carrels in the library, which also functions as a good study space. It has a total of 40,000 visitors a year and becomes especially crowded during the practical training or the test period. Books and audio-visual materials which belong in the library are registered and managed under the library system, and can be searched through PCs placed in every corner of the library. The system enables us to search books not only in the library but also at home through the Internet.